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Opus II
"Flesh Totem And Masked Bones"

There is a sign to be drawn
A transgressive dance to be done
A flesh totem to be bathed in blood
A mask bones to be mould...
And a sole path to drink from the sacred vessels
ov the Qliphoths..

“We are the Quintessence, the dissolution of self-ecstasy of pain and deathBeyond Daath, Beyond the Void...”  Edgar Kerval 111

QLIPHOTH Opus II "Flesh Totems And Mask Bones" €55,00

Including approx 270 pages in book format. First 55 copies receive: EMME YA A3 Deluxe cd

QLIPHOTH Opus II  ----Table of Contents:
The Magician As Vampire - Andrew Dixon
The Tellum Scorpionis -Atrum Semita Pondera - R.N. Lant
The Arte Of Blood - S.Ben Qayin
The Mass of Tiamat - Aion 131
Becoming hoodoo Part II - Kyle Fite
The Fundamentals Of Utilizing The Qliphoth To Perfect BeingOf Becoming In Nothingness/Everything In The Path Transfixed Of The Void - Angela Edwards
Theoretical Demonology In Psychoanalytical - Alexei Dzyuba
A Short Optical About The Zos Kia Cultus - Claudio Cesar DeCarvalho
Blackmouth Beach - Sean Woodward
Symbology Of The Serpent - Marco Grosso
Liber Bes - Aion 131
Parasitic Vampyrism And The Inspiring Aspects Of  Motivational Vampyrism - Dante Miel
Explorations And Permutations Upon The Formula Of  N.O.X. - Jhon Longshaw
Formula Ov The Red Ecstasy-Trance and Erotocomatose Rite-
(Automatic Writting ) - Edgar Kerval
The Treatise 393 SEFEKH, THE CONSORT OF THOTH Part II -Robert Angelo Dalla Valle
QLIPHOTH Opus II  ----Visuals by:
-Michael Gallant
-Alexei Dzyuba
-Kyle Fite
-Magick Kazin
-Isa Lam'DeFond Ramdani
-Claudio Carvalho
-Sean Woodward
-Aion 131
-Patrick Larabee
-Akehrra Phasmatanas
-Edgar Kerval

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